How long does it take to become an Alert 360 Authorized Dealer?

It's probable that we can have you up and running within two to three weeks. We'll review your credit report, liens, corporate status, license and insurance. Then, when you're approved as a dealer, we'll provide a draft of the agreement for your review.

Do I have to sign an exclusive agreement?
No. Unlike other dealer programs, we will not mandate exclusivity, nor will we file Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens against you or your company.
Do I have to make a long-term commitment?
Our standard dealer agreement is for three years, but you may withdraw from the program with 90 day's written notice something that most other providers don't allow.
How long does it take to get funded and how am I paid?
We fund each dealer based on their needs – normally this means once a week and within five days of receiving a contract. We use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to pay our dealers so payments show up in your account the next business day following funding.
Do I have to use your paperwork and signs? How much do the supplies cost?
Since we ultimately purchase the monitoring agreement, we require dealers to use our paperwork, signs and decals, in order to prevent end-user confusion. We do not charge our dealers for these supplies. You use your own installation agreement and other marketing materials.
How big does my company have to be?
It can be any size. We don't impose a volume requirement.
What alarm panels and services do you support?
We support Honeywell, DSC, Interlogix and 2Gig equipment, as well as, Total Connect by Honeywell, Alula and many more!