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Invest in Marketing Your Website

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Invest in Marketing Your Website


Now that your alarm business has a functional website, it’s time to get found! Investing time and money into getting people to go to your website will help convert leads into clients.

Begin by spending time developing high-quality content. Understanding your customers’ needs and answering questions before they are even asked will help you appear as an expert in the alarm industry. Consider offering video content as well – these could be in the form of commercials, product demonstrations, case studies and client testimonials, and personal messages from you and your staff. Video content creates a sense of familiarity and helps to establish trust.

Blogging is another great way to invest time in marketing your website. According to an article by Circle S Studio, the average company receives 55% more visitors by blogging, and the average company that blogs gets 97% more inbound leads! Blogs are a great way to provide that high-quality content your potential customers are looking for. Be mindful to offer valuable tips so that your blog is informative, not just an advertisement.

Leverage your social media to market your website. When posting to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,YouTube accounts and more, provide a one-sentence teaser that links the potential customer directly back to your website. Incentives, contests and special events are an effective way to bring leads from your social media sites over to your website. Be sure to include your social media links on your site, too.

Quality content, blogging, and using social media are going to do wonders for your lead generation and SEO.  SEO is the process of helping your website be displayed at the top of a page when potential clients are searching for your services online. Circle S Studio explains that, “by building inbound and outbound links, Google will see your website as more valid and relevant, which helps increase your rankings.” SEO can become somewhat complicated as Google’s algorithms change, so you may want to hire an outside company to assist in getting your website search engine optimized.

Ease of use, aesthetics, and up-to-date contact information are all important aspects of engaging website visitors, but first thing’s first: get found! With consumers making most of their purchasing decisions online, it makes sense to spend time and a few dollars in marketing your website, and making your site the most valuable of all of your competitors!