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Category: Security Operations

At Alert 360, we deliver excellence with over 45 years in the security and smart home industry. It’s time to partner with a program that is flexible, innovative and reliable. With best-in-class training and technology, Alert 360 is primed to take your business to the next level.

Want to Run Smarter? Increase Your Efficiency

As a small business owner, you can only do so much. You’re on a tight budget, there are customers to service and employees to pay. How do you make the most of your time and money to get the results you want? The key is increasing your efficiency. Getting better, more efficient results may take…
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Is DIY in Your Business’ Future?

It seems everywhere you turn, another DIY alarm product or smart home offering is entering the market. At some point, you may be considering offering a similar service so that you can compete with that segment as well. One school of thought is if you can build a relationship with the entry-level DIY customer now,…
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Is Plain Old Security Obsolete?

Some business owners spend the end of the year planning, and some prefer to start the year off making plans. But no matter when you take a look at the upcoming 12 months (and we think you can benefit from doing it more than once a year) – it’s important to ask some strategic questions.

Don’t Let a Lien Topple Your Business Value

Over the last few months we’ve been discussing how to build value in your alarm business, whether or not you have plans to sell. Among other things, we talked about Contracts, Reporting Habits, Client Communication, Employee Training and Documentation. Here we’ll be talking about an overlooked area that can crumble a deal if you are…
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Organizational Documents to Have in Order

Documentation is a fact of life when running an alarm business. Customer agreements, central station contracts – they come with the territory and we wouldn’t consider running a business without them. There are, however, other types of documentation that don’t get as much attention but are just as critical to maintaining a growing, successful company.…
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Continuing Education and Training Can Help Fuel Your Business Growth

While adding new customers and increasing recurring monthly revenue drive your top line income, it’s your employees – your internal staff and field technicians – that keep your alarm business alive. Many businesses, however, neglect employee training, seeing it as a nonessential expense. But ongoing training can be helpful to both employees and your company,…
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Learn How To Build Great Reporting Habits

When a buyer is looking at your alarm business, most often their major goal is to gain market share or they see some financial synergy. Beyond the surface and first impressions, it’s the quality of reporting that tells the real story of the strength of a potential deal. The very nature of reporting, however, dictates…
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Contracts – Adding Value to Your Business

Who likes paperwork? Nobody we know, but when it comes to buying or selling your business, the value you get is closely tied to your sales/monitoring contracts. We are often surprised at how frequently we begin negotiations and due diligence with a company only to find out that the contracts which the owner was planning…
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Keep your eyes open, it’s door knocking season

It’s that time of year again, the birds are chirping, grass is getting greener, the air is getting warmer, and the door knockers are out.