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9 Ways to Generate Sales Online

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9 Ways to Generate Sales Online


Remember when you flipped through a big, book called the Yellow Pages to find a business that fulfilled your needs? When was the last time you used such a thing? With today’s consumers relying on the Internet for their purchases, generating sales online has become the fastest and most effective way to grow your business. Check out these nine tactics to boost your online revenue.

  1. Optimize yourself online! Use SEO (search engine optimization) to appear at the top of your potential clients’ web searches. An astounding 91% of search engine users find what they want online, and your alarm business wants in on this 91%! Go local with SEO. Local SEO means optimizing your website so your local target audience can find you. There are thousands of potential customers within a close radius to your location, and that is a great group to target. Check out this webinar for four can’t miss tips on leveraging SEO to increase your online sales.
  1. And just like the yellow pages, radio advertising has been overtaken by video. Think about creating a video (or video series) and post it to your YouTube channel and website. Make sure to separate yourself from the pack by delivering relevant content in a high-quality format. The video needs to provide great information told in a compelling way. Engage with your audience by being authentic and by delivering information that your potential customers need.
  1. Leverage your social media presence effectively. Create engaging posts that people will not just “like,” but  they will share on their own pages. If you are providing insight on a particular “pain point” for your customer – such as a tip for avoiding break-ins while vacationing – then your social media followers will be apt to share the message with their network.
  1. Oh, and if you’re not already on Twitter, set up a profile now! Follow industry leaders and follow their followers – those are your potential customers! Tweeting directly to this group is an easy way to start a conversation online and generate leads.
  1. Bet on blogs! Your blogs need to offer valuable information to your target audience, and they need to be current with industry trends. Blogging at least once a month keeps your information fresh and gives your potential customers something to look forward to reading.
  1. If it’s free, it’s for me! Create an awesome freemium – such as an eBook – that draws potential customers into your business. Be sure it is something valuable that they cannot get elsewhere. This is a great way to attract your target audience and position yourself as an industry expert. Your freemium is so valuable that your potential customers will buy your offer!
  1. Get live on webinars. Host quarterly webinars on topics that solve a pain point for your target audience. Provide valuable information in an enticing way, and at the end of the webinar, present an offer for webinar attendees to purchase. If you’ve done it right, you are going to generate some sales!
  1. Opt-in online! Your alarm company website should incorporate several opportunities for site visitors to opt-in to provide their contact information. It may be signing up for your newsletter, registering for your webinars, receiving your freemium. Ask for a name, a phone number and an email address and be sure to follow up!
  1. Go all out online! Post all of your offers and company news on each of your online outlets. Launch them in newsletter and email campaigns, on all of your social media pages, on your website, and even add to your employees’ email signatures. Go big or go home!

Billions of online consumers may be shopping around alarm companies as we speak. Increase your Internet presence to draw these consumers in and your alarm business sales will explode!

Editor’s note: If you do use an eBook for your freemium, be sure it is not a sales pitch, and offers only education.