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At Alert 360, we deliver excellence with over 45 years in the security and smart home industry. It’s time to partner with a program that is flexible, innovative and reliable. With best-in-class training and technology, Alert 360 is primed to take your business to the next level.

Continuing Education and Training Can Help Fuel Your Business Growth

While adding new customers and increasing recurring monthly revenue drive your top line income, it’s your employees – your internal staff and field technicians – that keep your alarm business alive. Many businesses, however, neglect employee training, seeing it as a nonessential expense. But ongoing training can be helpful to both employees and your company,…
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Learn How To Build Great Reporting Habits

When a buyer is looking at your alarm business, most often their major goal is to gain market share or they see some financial synergy. Beyond the surface and first impressions, it’s the quality of reporting that tells the real story of the strength of a potential deal. The very nature of reporting, however, dictates…
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Contracts – Adding Value to Your Business

Who likes paperwork? Nobody we know, but when it comes to buying or selling your business, the value you get is closely tied to your sales/monitoring contracts. We are often surprised at how frequently we begin negotiations and due diligence with a company only to find out that the contracts which the owner was planning…
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5 Tips to Navigate Past Family Business Succession Planning Nightmares

If you run a family business, you have challenges many outsiders find hard to understand. But you’re not alone. Family businesses represent approximately 60% of the jobs in America. One of the issues that can seem more complex with family businesses than others is succession planning. According to The Family Firm Institute, only about 30%…
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Succession Planning Missteps to Avoid

There comes a point in every business when you need to start succession planning.

They Didn’t Steal Your Customers, You Lost Them

When we lose a customer to another company, the tendency is to blame the competitor for stealing the account.