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At Alert 360, we deliver excellence with over 45 years in the security and smart home industry. It’s time to partner with a program that is flexible, innovative and reliable. With best-in-class training and technology, Alert 360 is primed to take your business to the next level.

Due Diligence Process for a Dealer Program

You have made the decision to participate in a Dealer Program, and now it is time to research the best one for your business, as well as prepare to be selected. Just as alarm business owners and integrators will need to do their homework, you can expect vendors and service providers — especially those operating purchase programs — will also do their due diligence when evaluating potential members.

A Dealer Program Can Bring Financial Stability

Your business may be making money but that doesn’t mean it’s financially stable. In order to truly gain financial stability, your company must have the ability to withstand a temporary (or lengthy) problem.

Cash Flow Advantages of a Dealer Program

There are several types of dealer programs, each with its own diverse offerings. Find out how you can leverage a dealer program to increase your company’s cash flow.

Invest in Operations

Owning an alarm business – or any business for that matter – is challenging. Investing in solid operating systems will help you navigate through each challenge and create a strong foundation for the future.

Budgeting Made Easy

Your alarm business has just reached a huge milestone: you now have the capital you were seeking. Now is the time to allocate and manage your money in order to meet your business objectives. Buckle down and create your monthly business budget.

6 Steps to Proper Inventory Management for Alarm Companies

At the end of each month, are you counting your extra cash or your extra product inventory? If it’s the latter, then you are overdue for implementing a strong inventory management system.

3 Pointers for Making Payroll

Just as you expect your customers to pay for their alarm systems, your employees expect a paycheck.

6 Tips for Managing Cash Flow in Your Alarm Business

Poor “cash flow” is a big reason why more than half of small businesses don’t survive. This is particularly true in the alarm business, where the monthly recurring revenue model can complicate matters.

Cash Flow Reigns

Managing the finances of a small business can get complicated quickly.