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At Alert 360, we deliver excellence with over 45 years in the security and smart home industry. It’s time to partner with a program that is flexible, innovative and reliable. With best-in-class training and technology, Alert 360 is primed to take your business to the next level.

Five Steps to Prevent Customer Attrition

Time, money, and numerous company resources are spent on generating new customers.

Invest in Operations

Owning an alarm business – or any business for that matter – is challenging. Investing in solid operating systems will help you navigate through each challenge and create a strong foundation for the future.

Determine KPI’s To Strengthen Your Business

At first glance, it is easy to tell how your alarm business is performing: are sales up or down?

Work the Customer Feedback Loop!

Not all customers are the same, or have the same risk of cancellation.

The Customer Experience as an Antidote to Attrition

It’s a fact: keeping your existing customers costs your company less than getting new ones to replace ones that cancel; and the longer you keep a customer, the more profitable the relationship becomes.

Top Reasons Alarm Customers Cancel & What You Can Do About It

Do you know why that customer just cancelled? How about the one before?

Ensuring Growth Through the Ultimate Customer Experience

Learn how to grow your alarm business by providing your customers with the ultimate customer experience.