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Leveraging Home Automation to Generate Sales

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Leveraging Home Automation to Generate Sales



Convenient home automation, where a network is set up to control the functions of an entire property from a smart phone/tablet, is no longer relegated to the “Bill Gates” of the world. Home automation systems are rapidly finding their way into residential and commercial space across the globe and YOU are at the forefront of this amazing technology.

Simply put, home automation is the centralized control of a home or business. It may include lighting, HVAC, cameras, operating electronics and appliances, but it’s mainly used in maintaining security settings. Its surge in popularity can be attributed to the ease in connecting a home automation system via  a smartphone or tablet. Home automation can be thought of as a personal property manager that is always on duty!

There are many benefits to having such a system in place for any property setting. First, home automation systems are easy to use and simple to connect to a user’s electronic device (i.e. their smartphone or tablet). Just a light touch can dim lighting, change the temperature, close the garage, and lock all doors. Elderly or disabled persons may gain a sense of independence by being able to control their settings without the assistance of a caregiver. Property owners can save on utility charges by being able to turn things on/off while away. Saving money on house sitters, gardeners and pet-sitters is possible because even watering houseplants or landscapes and feeding pets can be done with home automation.

Some home automation systems can control music levels, television channels and lighting. Advanced systems can even sense an individual’s preference through reading the temperature, light and noise level.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, a home automation system may be triggered when a smoke alarm sounds to alert property occupants and call the fire department. The same is true for a break-in; a homeowner is notified by sound, light, or a call to their mobile phone while the system simultaneously phones the police department. The reassurance of safety while inside or outside of the home or office is priceless.

So many benefits, so much you can discuss with your customers. It’s imperative that you are educated about all the potential ways home automation adds value. By incorporating that understanding into your sales story to both your existing and new customers, you’ll have a greater ability to answer ALL their needs. Efficiency, safety, ease of use, and affordability make home automation a great option for all property owners. Make sure you understand and leverage it!