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Remaining Relevant in a Changing Environment

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Remaining Relevant in a Changing Environment


Change is the one thing we can always count on.  By understanding that change is inevitable, and that business is about operating within that changing environment, you’ll be better equipped to adapt and grow.

Since inception, ACA has achieved thirteen consecutive years of growth through continued development and refinement of its unique business model; in other words, remaining relevant in a changing environment.

There are many “faces” of change, including (but not limited to) generational and attitudinal outlooks, economic challenges and technological advances. Many things are going on at once and companies often haven’t shifted their value propositions sufficiently — they haven’t been as quick to match their customers’ needs or updated their product mix quickly enough, which means they are “caught” with no real differentiators.

Key ways to stay relevant are to:

Empower Your Staff
It used to be that the alarm business was relatively simple, with few technological, financial, or legal demands. Now, the world is more complex, fast-moving, specialized, and risky. This new world requires leadership that empowers employees to do their jobs without as much “running it up the flagpole.

Examine Your Processes
Having good business processes creates predictability. And people love predictability. Unfortunately, predictability isn’t always the best way to stay relevant. Every company has some processes; some are clearly defined, others are implicit. The intention here is to continually review your processes and look for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs while generating the same (or better) outcomes.

Hold “Blue Sky” Sessions
On a regular basis, gather your entire staff for a blue sky lunch or brainstorm session. Turn off your phones and just imagine. Discuss all the possible ways things could be different. Make sure everyone is encouraged to participate and that you are fully committed to making sure people know there are “no bad ideas.”

Build a framework for the future
Looking ahead, change is likely to continue to come at a faster and faster rate. The way to get comfortable with change is to continue to review, refine, and take action.