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It’s About People—Part 1

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It’s About People—Part 1


Great employees are the biggest determining factor in whether or not a company can truly thrive, which is why developing a strong hiring process is crucial. By having a process in place and leveraging social media (such as LinkedIn), you’ll be sure to connect with qualified candidates. There are several steps in the hiring process: developing an accurate job description, getting the word out, reviewing resumes and recommendations, interviewing, and making the decision to hire.

Develop Job Description

First, be detailed and honest in your job description. Spend time thinking about what you value in your employees that you aren’t willing to compromise, what you’re willing to be flexible about, and what you are willing to offer with regards to compensation and benefits.  When you’ve completed that task, ask a trusted adviser if they agree with your assessment to be sure you’re being realistic.

Leverage Social Media

Next, look to social media to get the word out. According to an article on , 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn, more than 60% are on Facebook, and a whopping 78% of recruiters have made a hire using social media! The most well-known professional social media outlet is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile is essentially a resume, and you can post vacant positions to your company’s LinkedIn business page. This network is very recruiter-friendly, offering a Recruiter profile which allows recruiters to search all of LinkedIn for potential candidates. LinkedIn’s two new recruiter features, both expected in 2015, may assist in finding candidates who would relocate for a job, along with ones that will fit with the company culture. You can also create a Facebook page to list available jobs, and engage directly with interested candidates.

Seek Referrals  

Make sure you have spread the word to vendors, customers and colleagues about the position you seek to fill. Reach out to your current employees and ask them for recommendations. They may also be willing to post opportunities to their own social media networks and connections. If it is within your budget, this may be a good time to hire a seasoned recruiter who can help filter through resumes and monitor social media posts.

Conduct Interview

Now that you have found a batch of great potential candidates, it’s time to embark on the interview process. Finding your next successful hire is just a few conversations away. Don’t shortchange the amount of time you want to spend with a key hire prior to making an offer. More than one interview helps you see the candidate in a more natural, well-balanced light.

Make Offer

When an offer has been tendered and accepted by someone you’re excited about, it’s a win-win. Hiring the right employee brings many benefits: S/he will enhance your work culture, improve the morale of others, and offer positive, forward thinking and planning to help you accomplish challenging goals.

Check back next time for some insights about how to prepare for interviewing potential employees.