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Beyond Safety: The Benefits of Home Automation

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Beyond Safety: The Benefits of Home Automation


While the idea of “Home Automation” has been around for many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control, it now includes increased efficiency, security and more, making home automation poised to become a leading trend in residential new construction and remodeling projects for the next decade.

According to a study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, “home automation is predicted to be the No. 2 trend in residential remodeling over the next five to 10 years.”

Home Automation enables homeowners to connect to a broad variety of devices and systems throughout their home and control everything from a single app via a smartphone, tablet, or in-wall touch screen. Major drivers for the smart home market continue to be enhancing and automating control of climate, lighting, security, and entertainment devices.

As security professionals you are increasingly looked at as the expert for customers interested in upgrading their home to include home automation. Smart door locks have become more than just a convenient way to enter the house. Now, they can also keep homeowners informed about who is entering or leaving, as well as knowing how long they were there. In addition, customers now understand the benefits of lowered utility bills and the major convenience factor.

Increasingly, homeowners are also enticed by the potential for insurance premium discounts “We’ve seen insurance premiums lowered by as much as 15% in some instances,” said Tammy Beil, SVP of Marketing at My Alarm Center.

Home automation is increasingly being installed not just in new homes, but into existing homes as well, and often can be installed in as little as one day (depending on the complexity of the installation).

If home automation is not a part of your product mix, don’t wait. Offering your customers the benefits of safety, convenience, energy savings, insurance savings, and fun can provide your business with an important revenue stream. To learn more about how to easily incorporate this offering,